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As you may know, there have been some important changes to number plate legislation recently, as BSAU145e came into force on September 1st 2021.

All the products we supply you have passed the tests needed to ensure compliance to the new standard and our software updates now show the new ‘e’ mark. Keep reading to find out more about the key facts relating to BSAU145e


• Only solid black characters are permitted.

• Fonts, commonly known as Carbon, Hi-line and 3D are no longer permitted.

• All printed materials manufactured by number plate suppliers must have the new British Standard mark, BS AU 145e.

• All flags must be part of the reflective material, they must not be overprinted or stuck on.

• The reflective materials used have to be plain with no watermarks and must meet photometric requirements.

• Nothing can be printed within 10mm of the characters other than the registered company name and postcode.

• The customers’ registered company name and postcode must be printed a minimum of 7mm away from the characters.

• The maximum height for the customers’ registered name and postcode is 10mm and the minimum is 3mm.

• A printed border is optional, and can be up to 5mm wide, but must be at least 10mm away from the nearest character.



Although screws that pierce the plate continue to be permitted, they’re not recommended as they can compromise the durability of the plate. JJPlates Ltd recommends that secure sticky pads are used to prevent any compromise of the durability of the plate